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Kelsey's written work has been published by the following journals, in addition to a self-published chapbook produced alongside the installation, Tea Bags and the Tenuous.

In Entropy Magazine, "Of Ghosts and Pearls

In New South issue 12, "Life Charges Sonorous Against Her Hollows" (print copy available for purchase here)

In The Portland Mercury, "Immigrant, Feminist, Artist: Sophia Shalmiyev's Debut Memoir Mother Winter"

In Cagibi, "A Once and Future of an Unmaking

In Alta Journal, "Our Father, Who Art in Virtual Reality"

In Gigantic Sequins, "The Box of Your Desire" (print copy available for purchase here)

In The Rib, "Utopian Visions Art Fair"

In Barzakh Magazine, "Wynda Sweet

In Litro Magazine, "How to Get into Heaven

In The Rib, "Sarah Mayohas at DISJECTA" 

In Five2:One Magazine, "Moonlands" (features audio recording) 

In Metatron Press; Omega, "The Plague," excerpt from, "Ten Grand Bellyaches"

In Big Big Wednesday, "Three of Bethany" (print copy available for purchase here)

In The Nashville Review, "Parentage, Poolside" (originally titled, "Baby Breadsticks on Being Beautiful")

In Maudlin House, "Untitled"

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